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Podcaster, Columnist,
Content Creator,  IT Professional

A life-long technology buff, wrestling nerd & gamer.

Together with his childhood friend of 23 years, Conrad Audette, Nate is the co-creator of Deges & Dragons, a weekly YouTube series that highlights the use of tabletop RPGs and how they can be used in a directed therapeutic manner. 

He is also the host of the weekly podcast, "The Degecast", a supplemental podcast to Deges & Dragons where Nate and his co-hosts dive deeper into RPG gaming and therapy, conduct interviews with Table Top RPG developers & more!

When he is not being a Dege, or "Degenerate" with his childhood friends turned colleagues, Nate is an analyst for the Pro Wrestling Torch, one of the oldest pro wrestling journalism entities in existence.

Every Wednesday night, Nate is the co-host of the live call-in audio show, The PWTorch Dailycast's "PWT Talks NXT" alongside two of PWTorch's finest analysts, Kelly Wells & Tom Stoup where they talk this week's WWE NXT episode. 

Nate is also the author of the weekly "NXT Hits & Misses" Column where he grades each segment of this week's NXT episode and provides his analysis on each segment.  

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Therapy & RPG Gaming

In early 2018, Nate was approached by his childhood friend, Conrad, about collaborating on a YouTube project to promote RPG gaming and it's positive impact on mental health.

With Conrad's expertise and background in Psychology and Nate's background in technology, the two brothers from other mothers got to work. 

Years prior, when Nate & Conrad were younglings, Conrad's father ironically referred to the duo and their group of friends as "Degenerates" one day while the gang stocked up on Mountain Dew, ready for a long weekend of gaming. The term stuck around and over the years was naturally shortened to "Dege".

Launched April 2020, Deges & Dragons was born. 

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The Supplemental Podcast For Deges & Dragons

What do pen and paper role-playing games and therapy have in common? A lot more than you might think.

Welcome to the Degecast! The supplemental podcast for our YouTube show, Deges & Dragons!

We don't just spew nonsense about gaming and therapy, Psychology & Therapy Expert and Resident Game Master, Conrad Audette brings actual factual science to the table.

You'll also hear the voice of one, Tony "Don't even try to pronounce my last name" Sermuksnis. A near lifelong RPG gamer, and a veteran Game Master in his own right, Tony lends his gaming knowledge, wit, and loving rivalry with Nate to the show!

Your host, Nate Lindberg, is the technology brains, producer & the chief editor of both Deges & Dragons as well as the Degecast. He may not be a life-long tabletop RPG nerd, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have something to say!

Join the conversation! Leave a voicemail for us at (617) 506-9686 or email us at We'll respond live on the next episode!

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The Official PWTorch Live Call-in NXT Post-Show.

Founded in 1987 by 'George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame' Journalist, Wade Keller, the Pro Wrestling Torch initially started as a weekly paper newsletter, providing ardent wrestling fans with analysis, insider stories, wrestler interviews and more. 

Today, Wade Keller has grown the PWTorch brand into one of the most recognizable pro-wrestling media entities in existence, by both wrestling insiders and fans alike. Through not only the weekly newsletter, but a comprehensive website filled with content from today & yesteryear, plus a network of podcasts, the PWTorch provides superb analysis and coverage of the wrestling industry. 

In October 2019, Nate joined the already established podcast, PWT Talks NXT, part of the PWTorch Dailycast line-up! Alongside long-time PWTorch Podcasters/Columnists/Analysts, Kelly Wells and Tom Stoup, Nate provides his commentary and analysis of the most recent episode of WWE's Wednesday Night Television Show - NXT!

In late 2019, PWT Talks NXT changed it's format from a pre-recorded podcast and became the official Post-NXT Live Call-in show for the PWTorch. Kelly, Tom & Nate take your calls and answer your questions live each week at 10:30pm EST. Join the conversation at (515) 605-9345, or email us by clicking below!

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Ranking Each Segment of WWE's NXT

In August 2019, Nate joined as a Contributing Columnist, authoring a weekly "NXT Hits & Misses" column where he ranks each segment of the most recent NXT episode and provides his analysis on each rating.

Click the link below to be taken to's Opinion Columns where you can find Nate's Hits & Misses!

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If you want to contact Nate directly, please use the button at the top of the homepage. The following is for Dege Time business only.

Do you want to be a part of Deges & Dragons and the Degecast? EMAIL US! 

Fill out the form below and we'll respond to your questions live on the Degecast each week. 

General inquiries about Dege Time, Deges & Dragons, & The Degecast can also be submitted here!

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